About Intelligent Plants Apothecary


I created Intelligent Plants Apothecary as the result of a lifetime of alternative approaches to my own health issues. The reason I started a business is twofold. Through my own story, be an example of what a human can accomplish. As well as to be a resource and guide for others on their own healing journey.


But What Exactly Does That Mean?


Making lifestyle changes and healthier choices are more challenging than they may sound. I know from my own experience. The goal at IPA is to be a resource to help facilitate those changes. This is done by providing my details of my own personal experiences. Information on how to create/do/make for yourself. Reviews on the products I use. Affiliate links to places I do business with regularly. Customized tea and essential oil blends. Bulk herbs, sprouting seeds and supplies, and tea making supplies.


More About The Owner

I have been through a tremendous amount in my life. It has allowed me to come up with an effective approach to implementing positive changes. If you would like to read more about my experience. Click below!


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