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I am excited to announce that I now have an affiliate account with the company Ancestral Supplements! You can check out their website by clicking here. This company has really impressed me with the quality of the products they sell.  I have been using the Grassfed Beef Organs, Grassfed Pancreas, and Grassfed Adrenals for the past two weeks now. And I have noticed a tremendous difference.

When I first got my order from Ancestral Supplements. I started out with one of the Grassfed Beef Organ capsules. Then I added an additional capsule every couple of days. I notice that I focus a lot better than I did before starting to take them. I also notice that I don’t feel anywhere near as frazzled (a possible sign of adrenal fatigue).

These guys’ website is pretty cool and is rather informative. Be sure to check out their UVEX glasses. I started wearing them a couple of days after I started the GrassFed Beef Organs. It is amazing how much blue is reduced by wearing these glasses. Without getting too far into the topic and needing references as a result, I will just say that wearing these about two hours before bed can help your body’s in its natural cycle. As we all know, artificial light can interrupt this process and that can make it more of a challenge to relax at night.

As with all the affiliate links on my site, making a purchase after following a link to a website affords me a percentage of what you spend. Thank you for your continued support.


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