Aquabliss Water Filters

Ever think about all the chemicals and industrial byproducts are in your water. I have, and the topic intimidates me. You can read more about why I filter the water I drink by clicking here. Have you ever thought about using a water filter? I have used them for years. With so many different filters on the market there are only a couple I trust. Whether for your shower or your counter-top. Aquabliss water filters are a easy way to enjoy cleaner water.

I did a simple internet search for the best shower water filters. I clicked through to on the first five links my browser provided. 100% of these sites listed the Aquabliss shower filter as among the best. Two sites in particular counted the Aquabliss 12 stage shower filter as the best.

Not sure what is in your tap water? if you go to the Environmental Working Group’s webpage. Then enter your zipcode. It will tell you what you have to contend with. .

Watch this video on YouTube.

If you have an interest in purchasing one you can find Aquabliss shower filters here. And counter top Aquabliss counter top water filters here.

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