Why a Health Consultant

Ever find yourself at the grocery store knowing that the food you have typically eaten is junk? Would it be easier to eat differently if you knew what it was you should eat? Have you been told by the doctor you had to begin an exercise routine? But have no motivation or support? Do you want to make changes in your life? Are not sure what is truly good for you and not just a new marketing ploy? Or have you attempted to make changes in the past only to find yourself back where you started? This is where my health consultant services can be a lifesaver.

Do you wish you had someone you can contact with your questions and frustrations? In situations like these, consultation services can make all the difference. A Health Consultant is someone who has made these changes in their own life. And is able to assist lifestyle changes by helping create a course of action. While gently encouraging you to reach your goals.

When you hire me as your health consultant, you will have access to a wealth of applicable information. I am proficient in assisting people at making all manner of lifestyle change. This is accomplished through establishing a goal. Discussing the steps involved in reaching the goal. And setting a target date to start being able to notice positive change.

Types of Health Consultation available

Taking Charge of your diet: We will discuss the components involved in a healthier diet. I will teach how to read nutrition labels. Educate you on the reasons to eat local, in season foods. And assist you in finding local sources for food. I can assist with how to curb Carb Cravings. Changing one’s diet is not always easy. That’s why I teach you some of the tricks to making the sustainable changes you desire.

Dealing With Trauma: Learn about a variety of self-care techniques as well as professionally available services that may be of assistance to you. I had spent the majority of my life suffering from severe PTSD. Since the options that I had presented to me weren’t as helpful as I had hoped. I began to study the available information myself. I spent a considerable amount of time studying the neuroscience of trauma. Armed with a tremendous amount of information. I used myself as the guinea pig. Over the course of the last 15 years, I put together an effective process for working through the negative experiences that had me stuck for so long.

Other Possibilities: I can show you how to prepare your own meals, make your own fermented foods, grow sprouts at home, plan and plant a garden, compost, and vermicomposting. I can guide you in making your own tinctures, teas, salves, oils, and powders from locally grown organic herbs. If you don’t want to make your own, you can buy certain products through affiliates or my store.

I also teach various meditation techniques. Self-hypnosis strategies. And methods for adopting positive self-talk. This list is an example of the types of issues and areas I cover.

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