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How to make bone broth

One thing that I didn’t mention is where to get the bones for my bone broth. I get my bones from a local butcher shop that deals in grass-fed and pasture raised animals. A lot of butchers have chicken feet for sale cheap too! I have even been fortunate enough to find people at local farmer’s markets that sell bones for broth as well.
Another thing that I do. I save all the bones from all the meat that I eat. After my meal. I put the bones in a container in the freezer. Once I have enough bones. I make another batch of bone broth. You can keep the bones from various animals separate. Or you can mix them up as you see fit.
A couple good resources to find locally grown and raised foods are and
Another incredible resource is your local University Extension (The Master Gardeners program) which can be located using this site here, the American Horticultural Society.

Watch this video on YouTube.

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