About Me: The Trauma

Event 1

So, a little about me. I have been through one trauma after another in my life. It started with receiving a type 1 diabetes diagnosis in my early teens. This was devastating to me because I could not leave the hospital until I could give myself an insulin shot. More stress was added when I was told diabetes would kill me if nothing beat the disease to me. That’s a lot to cope with at 14 years old.

Event 2

A few years later while at work I was walking down a hallway. In the hallway, a coworker stood on a ladder about 12 or 15 feet up. He was placing a 33-pound box onto a shelf. All of the sudden the ladder started to slide down the wall. So, I secured the ladder in order to keep it from falling over. His reaction was to grab the ladder. As he did, he lost control of the box. Which proceeded to hit me in the head.

Event 3

Several years later I was making a lot of progress with my health. I had even been able to return to work. My life was looking up. Then another medical disaster occurred. This time I was involved in an accident. Which landed me in the hospital for about 2.5 weeks. I had broken vertebrae in my neck and back. As well as breaking my scapular into two pieces. Plus I sustained two punctures to my frontal lobe. And broke several ribs. Those are just the major physical medical events I have experienced. There are too many to include.

More About Me. More Trauma…

Too much stress

Unfortunately, I have also been through a number of incredibly traumatizing experiences not related to health issues. Although the health issues would have been enough. I witnessed gruesome scenes of violence and have had to deal with more than one dead body. Situations like these have added to the mental and emotional issues I have confronted.


I have received a tremendous amount of medical care throughout my life. Seen all kinds of specialists from endocrinologists to psychiatrists to neurologists and on and on. There were also quite a lot of different pharmaceuticals involved. This was just how health was approached. The issue was that there wasn’t a whole lot of the experience that was very effective. At least not by my standards.

My decision

The amount of serious issues I deal with led me to a decision. Which is to find everything I can do for myself in order to have a better experience. This has resulted in having researched and compiled a variety of techniques and approaches. All that have proven effective time and again.

My Mission

To guide people through making the lifestyle changes necessary to improve the quality of their life.

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