My Trusted Sources

There is no shortage of information that is available these days. But let’s face it, a lot of the information that is there, is suspect at best. After a couple decades of trial and error. I have discovered through my own experience which information is valid. And which is marketing.

The information I present is based on years of reading, study, research, and application of the information I found. I experimented on myself, gaining first-hand knowledge the results created. In creating my personal method, I have borrowed, blended, and adapted concepts from a wide variety of sources. On this page, I share the resources I tend to turn to the most. Whether for ease of use or some other reason. The sources cited here all share one thing in common. The information is credible and well referenced and/or tested personally.




Hoffmann, D. (2003). Medical Herbalism: The Science and Practice of Herbal Medicine. Healing Arts Press. It is possible to borrow this book on the Internet Archive. I use this book to quickly reference monographs for a variety of commonly used herbs. It is also an excellent resource to begin to understand and apply the principals of holistic medicine. You can borrow it for free from the Internet Archive by clicking here. Or, you can purchase it through Amazon by clicking here.


Commission E Monographs. A German scientific boards research on a variety of herbs. A “modern” scientific approach to the effectiveness of herbs. Although not as complete as modern science would lead one to believe is possible. A good reference point for what herbs have been proven to be effective for which ailments. You can view the various findings through the American Botanical Council by clicking here. Or, Purcahase it through Amazon by clicking here.


Expanded Commission E Monographs. Information on herbs that was not contained in the original publication of the commission findings. It can be found through the American Botanical Council by clicking here. Or, purchase it on Amazon by clicking here.


Ahret, A. Prof. (1922). The Mucusless Diet Healing System. Ehret Literature Publishing Co INC. A great book that talks about imbalance in the body and the body’s natural way to recover from it. I have done a lot of fasting and have followed a mucusless diet for months at a time. All the information in the book seemed really valid when compared to my experience. I have not read through the PDF I am providing as a link for the book. But upon skimming, it matches the physical book I have used. The physical book is only 127 pages. But does not include any extra prefaces or notes. To check it out by clicking here. Or, Purchase it on Amazon by clicking here.

Coping Techniques


Callahan, R. (2001). Tapping the Healer Within: using thought field therapy to instantly conquer your fears, anxieties, and emotional distress. Contemporary Books. This is a very effective way to rid yourself of all the emotional baggage. It is a bit unwieldy to learn. But it certainly works if you can find the right “formula.” You can read about the various tapping “formulas” used to help with various types of mental issues by borrowing the book from the open library. You can find the link by clicking here. Or, Purchase it on Amazon by clicking here.


Craig, G. (n.d.). The EFT Manual. Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is a streamlined version of the somewhat complex TFT approach. It is equally effective, but a lot more user friendly. The easiest way to describe the difference is with TFT, there are many formulas for the various issues. With EFT, there is one formula, and a way to adapt it to whatever thought is triggering the emotional response. You can read the book on the Internet Archive by clicking here. Or, purchase it on Amazon by clicking here.


If you purchase something through Amazon by clicking a link from my website. I make a small commission for referring you to the product. This does not affect the price you pay for the product in any way.