Primal Life Organics a new Affiliate.

Anyone that knows me knows that I am always on the lookout for cleaner, healthier products. To this end, I became a new affiliate of Primal Life Organics. Which means I like their products so much. I decided to do some marketing for them. I do get a commission off of the sales I generate, of course.

My Introduction to Primal Life Organics

Let me tell you about how I learned about the company Primal Life Organics. A company that has provided me with several self-care products that I currently use.

I was shopping at a local health food store that had a couple tables in the back with people giving demos on their products. As I was intent on my shopping, I didn’t pay them much attention. However, as I walked past the one table. The woman standing there called out to me, “You look like the type of person who would want to brush his teeth with dirt.”

After laughing at the comment, and how appropriate it was to address it to me. I walked over to the table to see what she had to offer. She introduced herself to me as Trina. Then told me a bit about herself and her new company. She also showed me a tooth powder and a deodorant that she had for sale.

Why I Chose Primal Life Organics as a New Affiliate. High Quality Natural Ingredients

Both products were made with the only natural ingredients. And the logic behind why she chose each ingredient made sense to me. So, I took them home to try them out. I was pleased to discover that both the tooth powder and the deodorant worked wonderfully.

So much so, that it encouraged me to try out several more of the products Primal Life Organics carries. As you can see in this YouTube video. Where I review the Primal Life Organics Shampoo Bar.

I earn a commission when you click my affiliate link to the Primal Life Organics website and making a purchase.

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2 regular and 2 mini Stick Up natural deodorants sitting on yoga mats