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Positive Self-Talk

How we came to positive self-talk.

I’m positive that at some point in your life you have heard about the concept of changing the negative self-talk that you use. To a positive self-talk. The predecessor of this is utilizing positive affirmations. Which is essentially telling yourself positive things about yourself. Even if you do not currently feel like you are capable of feeling the way you describe. 

To give you an example of positive affirmations. I quote the early 90s SNL character Stuart Smalley. While looking at himself in a mirror. The character would say phrases like. “I’m good enough, smart enough, and gosh darn it. People like me.” The humor in the scenes was unmistakable. And the way it was presented certainly made the practice seem ridiculous. Yet the concept that was being mocked seemed incredibly valid to me.

Self-talk takes center stage.

Fast forward a decade or so. And the idea of self-talk began to take center stage. Instead of hearing about the need to repeat positive affirmations to yourself. All that was talked about was how important it was to be kind in what you say to yourself about yourself. The thing is. Every time I would hear people discuss utilizing self-talk. It was always described in generic terms.

Statements such as, “don’t beat yourself up.” And, “it’s ok to make a mistake.” Come readily to mind. However, none of these now cliche terms ever described how this translated to any sort of applicable approach. Watch the video below to see me describe one way I learned to put this advice to good use.

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